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Your experience journal & adventure planner

£19.95 (inc. post and packaging to UK addresses)


£25.99 (inc. post and packaging Worldwide)

This unique book gives people the tools to FUEL their future and plan their next adventure whilst easily record and access all their positive memories and past experiences.

What’s the aim of this book?

The aim of the book is to get people thinking about what they want to achieve and what adventures they want to have. By entering these plans into the book, and using the tools provided, it will help them FUEL their next adventure.

But just as importantly, this book helps people to use their achievements and positive memories to boost mental wellbeing and combat imposter syndrome or self-doubt.


  • improves mental health
  • boosts positivity
  • remember your full breath moments
  • easy to use, broken down in A-Z with hand suggestions for each letter
  • helps to focus on what you want to achieve and when
  • assists in the planning of your next adventure

Who is it for?

This unique book is for anyone, young and old, for yourself or as a gift. It’s for people with an adventurous spirit that want to record their achievements and experiences in life and use these entries to provide themselves with evidence that they have achieved and lead a full life.

About the author – 

Inspired by a line at his Grandad’s funeral, Matt began to write down all his achievements and challenges he had overcome in a A-Z book.

Matt tries to live a life more adventurous and enjoys taking on a challenge. The most random being a 100 mile ice skate down a frozen lake in Outer Mongolia.

He is a mental health first aider and believes that looking back on your positive memories and experiences you have had hold the power to boost your emotional wellbeing and can FUEL your future. Matt is a public speaker and offers talks and workshops to groups and organisations, to find out more about those options by visiting http://themattnixon.co.uk

Ultimately however, the main author of this book – is you! This is the reason why Matt’s name isn’t on the cover of the book and is only mentioned in the ‘forward’ of the book itself. As the book is wire bound you can easily tear this page out and truly make it your own story!

This project was supported by the Warwickshire County Council.


  • This journal is so good I have gifted it and talked about it to numerous people.

    It has allowed me to remember that I have lived and will continue to live a fulfilled life. The opportunity to complete the A-Z of things I have done that I want to remember has become a precious commodity.

    Writing down things I have done provides me memories, but the habit of writing down what I want to do keeps me focused and thus more likely to make them happen.

    This book is a wonderful way to look back on the great things you have done in your life and plan ahead for the future full breaths you want to take.

    Brilliant and powerful tool for all ages.

    Stratford Upon Avon
  • The book really is great, can’t wait to start filling it in and get out and use it.

  • I’ve been using this book for some time now to plan my adventures. Its pretty much become my bible for planning thru-hikes and other wild camps and expeditions. Super easy lay out and gets me excited for the next trip.

  • I can really recommend this book. I bought one for a friend but love it so much I’m keeping it for me!! – May have to buy another!

  • The most exciting part of a trip for me is the planning and Matt has captured this beautifully in this journal… It’s a great tool for people to journal and think about their adventures.

    Canberra, Aus
  • I bought My Book of Full Breaths for a good friend of mine and filled some of the spaces with adventures we have shared together. She absolutely loves it! I’ll buying another one this Christmas for my son so he can record his future adventures and start building his own book of memories and full breath moments!