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The summer has gone, the days are getting cold and there have even been reports of snow! In order to get your ‘sun fix’ you’ll need to travel further afield. Travelling further gives you a plethora of new cultures, foods, sights, smells and sounds to experience. It could also mean that you need to have some immunisations! Don’t worry, these are not always injections (ok… they pretty much are!) but the small little prick you’ll have to endure could be a life saver.

How do I know what I need?

There are a number of sites to look at to get advice of what you’ll need to have, but it also depends on what you plan on doing in the country you’re visiting. Not leaving a 5*All Inclusive resort could mean you don’t need anything, but visiting rural areas could mean you would need quite a few.

What we did

We spoke to our GP to check what we needed to do. We were advised we needed to see the nurse so an appointment for us all was made (in our surgery it is a female, hence the references to she!) Not only can she access your records to see what you had when, they have access to the best information to advise what you will need for your trip!


When should we have them?

Don’t leave it too long before your trip to arrange your jabs, some vaccinations come in two or more parts and you have to leave a specific length of time between them, so get your appointment made sooner rather than later.

While you’re away avoid spending too much time in the ‘little’ room

Remember to also have excellent personal hygiene on holiday too, wash your hands after touching any animals, before eating any food, not eating food that has been out for a long time and generally use your common sense to stay health whilst away! Using hand gel is a good idea too!


Useful sites:

If you want to do some internet research beforehand here are some useful sites:

NaTHNaC – Travel Travel Health Network and Centre England based, with advice on all aspects of travel and country specific information. http://travelhealthpro.org.uk/

Jane Chiodini – Easy to access resources in one place www.janechiodini.co.uk/new/help.tar

Medex – Useful advice booklet on travelling at high altitude www.medex.org.uk


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